Suboptimal inhaler use: why are we still facing the same challenges?

Approximately 84.8 million people live with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Europe1,2. These chronic respiratory diseases result in substantial clinical and economic burden3, with 9.7 million healthy years lost annually1,2. The majority of these patients have inadequately managed disease4,5, which often reflects poor inhaler adherence and technique6–10. Good inhaler use is important as poor inhaler mastery is associated with increased morbidity and hospitalisations11. As healthcare professional- and self-assessed inhaler use may not reflect real-life scenarios12, it is important that accurate means of measuring patients’ inhaler adherence and technique are developed to improve disease management.

To learn more about unmet needs in asthma and COPD, see the animation below.

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Approval code:   RESP-TPE-NP-00313 Date of preparation:  October 2022


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