Respiratory Care

Key components of integrated respiratory care

While advances in healthcare over the last century have led to prolonged lifespan, this has been accompanied by a rise in the prevalence of chronic disease. Chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are prevalent and require proactive assessment, early intervention and dynamic care.1 However, the effective treatment and management of these conditions is often marred by a lack of accessible, consistent and coordinated health care services.1–4 This has prompted a move towards an integrated care model, where health services are organised around an individual, such that they are able to receive the right care from the most appropriate professional, at the optimal time and in the best environment.4

See below for a visual summary of key components in integrated respiratory care.

Approval code:   RESP-TPE-NP-00450 Date of preparation:  July 2023


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